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We have developed a system that easily onboards you to our procces and allow you to start in no time.

Get a senior mentor to become the best

Work with purpose and freedom

Have a personal development plan

Skool is the future of online education

Take the lead in the educational community space

We build everything, our clients continue to make content

learn skool with tested structure and processes

With strategies and methods from over 2 years of development, fail and error and over 25 M USD in MRR collectively we have ambitions to frontiers the exploration of possibilities in the digital educational community space.

Average conversion rate of audience following is 2%

Our average conversion rate of audience following is 2%

As an operator you keep 80% of all profits in each client account.

How much salery can you expect?

FollowersMonthly Membership PriceMonthly Reccuring revenue in USD
100 00010 USD8 000 USD / month
200 00010 USD16 000 USD / month
400 00010 USD32 000 USD / month
1 000 00010 USD80 000 USD / month
FollowersPriceMRR (USD)
100 k10 $8 000 $ / month
200 k10 $16 000 $ / month
400 k10 $32 000 $ / month
1M10 $80 000 $ / month

*results are always dependent on input

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Why be an operator

Positives of being an operator

Work wherever

connect goodness

expert upgrades

incredible network

Not to serious, but sure to deliver results

Process to first $

dare you?

Entry cost

4999 USD

After start profit split deal is followed

Purpose driven work,
action driven marketing

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